Rippers - Yellow King Lodge

A Costumed Party

Date: Friday 31 October 1890
Location: Van Helsing Manor
Characters Present: Red Riding Hood, Jane Clayton, John the Indian, Herbert West
Others Present: Abraham Van Helsing, Johann Van Helsing, Jonathan Harker, Mina Harker, Marie Curie

  • PC’s were invited to the Van Helsing Manor All Hallow’s Eve costume party.
  • Abraham Van Helsing received a threatening telegram from Jack
  • A group of Hydes infiltrated the party and assaulted the guests
  • The PC’s defeated the Hydes and learned that Johann Van Helsing and a few of the other Rippers fended off a werewolf attack at the front gate
  • Abraham received an apparently magically teleported note from Jack expressing disappointment in the attack



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